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DivX Plus Web Player lets you enjoy stunning DivX and DivX Plus HD videos
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DivX Web Player is part of the DivX for Windows suite. The suite includes DivX Codec, DivX Player, DivX Converter, and DivX Web Player. DivX Web Player is intended to play videos directly from the web browsers. In addition, a cool advantage of DivX Web Player is that it allows downloading videos and using a full screen view mode. DivX Web Player supports several commonly used web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, etc.), and it provides high quality services at low file size cost. Other interesting features include allowing users to continue working on web pages while the videos are loaded in separate windows, subtitling, and a customizable interface of the player.
But not only can DivX Web Player be used by web page visitors, but also web page creators can take advantage of its benefits. This tool allows page creators to embed videos in their web spaces, blogs, or sites with simple steps that are available online.
While other web players require high resource usage, DivX Web Player simplifies the experience of video viewing with a modest usage of system resources and good quality, so for both, web page surfers and web page creators, this is a good choice to manage videos online.

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  • Easy to use
  • High quality videos


  • Vulnerable to denial of service attacks
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